• COVID-19 New Procedures and Services to Keep your Family Healthy

    The novel COVID-19 virus has changed the way we live life. As an essential business, ensuring the safety of your loved ones and our staff is even more important. We will continue to support our community with the latest and greatest methods that keep everyone safer, cleaner, and healthier. Here’s what you need to know about how we’re going the extra mile to keep your family safe and sound.

    Only a healthy team enters your healthy home.

    We schedule our staff to limit the number of employees in the office at one time. The GPower team receives a mandatory temperature check upon arriving at the office. We follow social distancing guidelines at all times in the office. Additionally, each employee confirms that they have not developed any symptoms in the last 24 hours or since their last shift. If someone feels ill during their shift, that team member is required to contact management immediately and head home. We will either reschedule your cleaning service or send a new team member to your home when possible.

    Fresh supplies for every home.

    No cross-contamination here! We empty and replenish our cleaning supplies daily. Every container is emptied, cleaned, and sanitized upon returning to the office. Once all cleaning and sanitizing is complete, we disinfect the area where our fresh supplies are stored and replenish each container with fresh solutions. Our staff is equipped with an abundance of PPE, so we’ll never recycle those.

    We keep learning, so you stay healthy.

    Each member of the GPower team has received additional training and certifications in COVID19 cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Every method we learn is immediately implemented in your home and business to fight the spread of COVID-19. All enhanced procedures and services meticulously adhere to the recommendations of WHO and Health Canada.

    Keep Calm - We Keep our Masks & Gloves on!

    All of our staff is required to keep PPE on while servicing your home for everyone’s safety. Each set of cleaning supplies we bring to your home has been packaged purposefully for use in your home only. When we arrive at your home or business, we will alert you before entering your property and apply our PPE. This gives you a moment to bring your family together in one space so we can effectively adhere to social distancing guidelines. We kindly ask that your loved ones remain in this space until your home is sparkling clean.

    A novel virus requires novel procedures.

    We’ve enhanced all of our cleaning procedures and now include a 10-step sanitization with each service. Our safe, hospital-grade solutions eliminate bacteria and viruses giving you peace of mind where you need it most. All high-touch zones will be thoroughly detailed and sanitized for ultra-safe spaces. For the maximum cleaning solution to your COVID-19 problems, we’ve added Fogging Services that effectively kill 99.999% of all harmful viruses and bacteria. This service is ideal for essential businesses that are dedicated to keeping their employees and customers safe. Our EnviraMist Solutions, coupled with the UltraFogger, is eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, FDA approved, and EPA certified.

    GPower is committed to safeguarding our community by continuing to provide eco-friendly, all-natural cleaning solutions that leave your home and business safer, cleaner, and healthier throughout the entirety of the global pandemic.

    We are Oakville’s number 1 cleaning service and proudly offer the best hands and methods to keep you safe!

    We get dirty so you don’t have to.

    GPower Got Your Back!

    To learn more about the preventative measures put in place by the Government of Ontario, click here.