Are You Guilty of These 7 Cleaning Mistakes

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Life is hard enough, so why make cleaning any harder than it has to be? Keeping your house clean is rewarding to an extent, because it leaves you with a clean house to relax in and enjoy. However, the act of cleaning itself isn’t really all that fun, so to best any of us can do is try to make it as quick and easy as possible! You can damage a surface, waste time doing a task that doesn’t address the real problem, miss opportunities to make your life easier, and more! To help you clean better, faster and more easily, I’m sharing seven of the most common cleaning mistakes. Are you ready?

#1 Being Impatient

 If there’s one thing I’ve learned from experimenting with homemade cleaning and laundry solutions throughout the past decade, it’s that a little patience can go a long way!
That’s why so many of my favorite cleaning and laundry tips that I’ve shared here on my blog involve some amount of wait time. Allowing cleaning products to “sit” gives them time to penetrate more deeply into messes and grime.
So the next time you’re tackling a stubborn stain or a caked-on mess, remember that patience is a virtue and try letting it sit for a bit! :-)



#2 No Game plan

Before I got into the cleaning world, I had no plans when it came to cleaning. I would just go into a room and start cleaning things at random. I’d invest so much time but my results were terrible and I’d end up more frustrated than when I started. This is one of the reasons I talk about how much I used to hate cleaning—I just didn’t know how to do it. Once I got into cleaning, I realized the importance of understanding how to clean and always having a plan. Now I come up with a detailed plan every week and even get the kids to help with some age appropriate chores. (See here for our Age Appropriate Chores List



#3 Not Reading Directions

 It may seem unnecessary, but reading the directions on your cleaning products is well worth your time. Companies dedicate a lot of energy to formulating and testing their cleaners—but what good are they if you’re not using them as intended? That bathroom cleaning spray or window cleaner, for example, is only as effective as the person who uses it. Plus, companies must abide by many rules and regulations, so correct usage ensures safety as well as prevents surface damage. Simply put: It’s in your best interests to let the product do the work for you. So, if you pick up a new cleaning product, flip it over, quickly read the label and make sure you understand where and how it’s supposed to be used.


#4 Overfilling Your Vacuum Canister

If your vacuum canister is constantly packed full of dust and dirt, it’s probably impeding your vacuum’s airflow. This can wear out your vacuum’s motor over time, to the point where it eventually loses suction altogether. Instead, just make it a habit to empty the canister every time you use your vacuum. It may not be strictly necessary, but once it’s a habit you won’t have to worry about forgetting to do it!



#5 Cleaning Your Floors First

If your floors are obviously dirty, it can be tempting to clean them first come cleaning day. But if you do, you’ll only be making more work for yourself later on! The most efficient way to clean a room is to start at the top and work your way down. That way, you don’t have to worry about pushing dust and dirt onto a clean floor, which could make you backtrack and waste precious time. By cleaning your floors last, you’re ensuring that every speck of loose dust and dirt will get picked up right as you finish cleaning. It’s an easy way to leave a room as clean as possible!


#6 Masking Odors (Instead Of Cleaning Them)

I want to make a distinction here. There is a big difference between masking an odor and killing the odor at the source. Masking the odor is like putting on deodorant. Killing the odor at the source is like taking a shower and cleaning under your arms. Imagine if you decided to never take a shower again and instead just used deodorant all the time? Gross! That’s exactly what people do when they’re using air fresheners or fabric refreshers in lieu of cleaning a surface. Typically upholstery and other soft surfaces get treated this way for prolonged periods of time. Now, using these products in between cleans is ok, but, if you walk into a room and you smell something you can never seem to get rid of, you’re not doing yourself or your home any favors. You want to find where the odor-causing bacteria is coming from. Maybe it’s the armchair, a pair of shoes, an old rug or maybe even some milk that’s spilled under the fridge—whatever it is, that’s what needs cleaning. Only then will the smell truly be gone, and the bacteria along with it.


#7 Trying to do it all yourself

At the end of the day, cleaning is no easy feat. And we know that there’s probably a hundred other things you’d rather be doing with your time. If you want to take the load off your shoulders while giving your home the best clean it’s ever had – CALL Gpower and we got your back!


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