Why You Should Hire A Professional Cleaner To Disinfect Your Company’s Office During COVID-19

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Sanitize everything, wash your hands, don’t touch your face.

How often have we all heard these recommendations from health professionals over the last four months? More than once or twice, I’m sure!

For most of us we’ve been avoiding this virus by keeping ourselves clean, healthy and safe. Before you leave the house, I can guarantee you grab your keys, wallet, phone…and mask. Some of us carry hand sanitizer, or sanitizing wipes (it’s not just me, right?).

Most of us have altered the way we live to help “flatten the curve.” We’ve shut down schools and gyms, missed our favourite restaurants, and closed offices – all in the name of keeping ourselves and others safe and healthy.

It’s been a long few months! Working from home has lost its appeal and now, here we are – opening businesses, loosening restrictions, living life a little closer to our own “normal”.

It’s exciting – we get some freedom! Part of that freedom includes patio season, shopping at our favoured stores – and going back to the office.

But what does that mean in regards to Covid-19? We know there isn’t a lot we can control with this virus, but we can do things to flatten the curve – like consistently disinfecting our surroundings.

While we’re eager to reopen businesses and office spaces, many of us are feeling some stress about going back to work – back to being around people in smaller, enclosed spaces. It feels a bit risky, right? Luckily, there are a number of ways to move into this stage safely.

Hire a professional cleaner to ensure a thorough clean of reopening office spaces!

Sure, you can clean and disinfect your office space yourself – but will you feel as confident in your abilities as you would in a professional? Will you think of all the nooks and crannies that need to be disinfected? Will you be mindful of every product you use?

A professional cleaner will be detail-oriented in a way that you and I probably just can’t be. That’s why they’re the professionals! You may not have a fogging machine laying around. (fun fact – a fogging machine can help protect from 99.999% of all harmful viruses!), and we also don’t have every appropriate disinfectant for every situation.

While we do want to get rid of all the scary bacteria, we don’t want to use harsh, harmful chemicals – they can also make us sick! We take over 20,000 breaths per day, and inhaling a ton of chemicals isn’t going to make anyone healthier.

Hiring someone to use Eco-friendly, green products to clean and disinfect more than just high touch-point areas will give everyone peace of mind that they’re coming back to a safe, healthy environment.

The best part about hiring a professional cleaner? You help kick Covid-19 to the curb – for good!

Blog by GPower Cleaning Services