The 6 Benefits Of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products In Your Home

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It’s 2020, if you’re not “going green” you’re missing out!

If you’re at the store and debating whether to go with an environmentally-friendly cleaning product or a basic one, it may be a good idea to consider reaching for the greener option. Why? There’s so many benefits to introducing all-natural, green cleaning products into your home.

Now more than ever, we need healthy, efficient and reliable products to safely use in our homes. All too often, we use harsh and dangerous chemicals in the same place we eat, sleep and play with our kids. Yuck! We don’t recommend using any off-the-shelf brands containing unhealthy chemicals that could potentially damage your home and/or your health.

Let’s deep dive into why Eco-friendly cleaning products are the best way to go!

#1 Less Expensive

Save your hard earned money and think of purchasing Eco-conscious products. Not only are we talking about actual bottled brands, you can use items in your cupboard such as vinegar and water, lemon, baking soda and olive oil that are completely safe and less harmful but definitely do the trick!

Blog by GPower Cleaning Services

#2 Healthier

*Cough Cough* if you or someone you know has a respiratory issue like asthma, non-green cleaning products can worsen their attacks. All-natural products will reduce the risk of you inhaling hazardous chemicals. Typically, products with toxic chemicals will seep into your skin or damage your lungs, liver or kidney. Studies show an increase in children developing asthma due to the use of non-natural cleaning products at home. Think twice before you buy!

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#3 Environmentally Safe

We love all-natural products and so does the environment! In a survey, participants were asked about Eco-friendly cleaning products and 26% said they prefer to buy them over non-Eco-friendly brands while 24% responded they prioritize green packaging! Bonus: Many green products are recyclable. Next time you shop, think green to reduce your carbon footprint!

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#4 Cleaner Air Quality

Since quarantine has had us all living and breathing in our homes on most days, it’s important to note the air quality and what you’re in-taking. Green products will help you reduce the amount of airborne dust and gross chemicals.

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#5 Well-Known Ingredients

There’s no surprise that some brands disguise their products with “green” packaging but it’s a highly deceptive tactic. Another pro with Eco-friendly products are the familiar ingredients used. Typically “all-natural” products are minerals extracted from plants or any renewable resource.

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#6 Work With Cleaning Professionals

We highly recommend working with a Professional Cleaning Company who puts your health and safety first. Ask them if they use Eco-friendly cleaning products when taking care of your home. At GPower, we care about you, your family and the environment and that’s why we only use all natural green products with each of our services

If you want to start becoming a “green” home and live healthier, give us a call and we’ll help you save the time, money and stress of finding the right products for you.

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